For Individuals

✔️100% automatic credit assessment

✔️Get credit in as little as 2 seconds

✔️Establish credit history

For Institutional Lenders

✔️Efficiency increased by 6000 times

✔️The average risk of fraud reduced by 70%+

✔️Bad debt rate reduced by an average of 40%+


Global Presence

China, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam

40 million trading users

Help 80 financial institutions reach 40 million trading users

80%+ conversion rate

80%+ new users will be converted to continuous trading users

Our Value Proposition

We enable a better living through consumption scenes, powered by bleeding-edge technology, to connect individual users to financial institutions while achieving efficient allocation of social resources.

Intelligent Matching

Based on B2B2C model, Wecash creates an intelligent matching platform that connects financial institutions, consumer scenarios, SMEs and individual users. Through accurate identification/utilization of customer value, based on rich financial resources, we automatically match the highest quality products for our customers and realize the efficient allocation of social resources.

Technology output

Based on big data, AI and other technologies, Wecash exports technical solutions such as intelligent decision-making and accurate customer acquisition to financial institutions, helping financial institutions reduce the cost of delivery by 40%.

Empowerment scenario

Wecash provides new technology empowerment for a variety of consumer scenarios such as women’s consumption, rental, etc., giving traditional offline dealers financial service capabilities, intelligently matching the capital needs between customers, consumer scenarios and financial institutions, thus increasing customer size and service efficiency in consumer scenarios.

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