Our Core Values define us. Do you have what it takes?

These five principles guide and unite us across the various timezones and countries we operate in. It shapes our actions and informs us on characteristics we look out for when hiring for roles across our offices.

To reinvent an industry, you need to build an all-star team

Join Wecash if you want to realise a world of better living through responsible credit, by developing and promoting products that provide businesses with comprehensive and accurate evaluation of consumer credit worthiness, provide better credit and better financial inclusivity for consumers everywhere.

Gilyn Heng

Regional People Ops Manager, Wecash Regional HQ

Employer Ambassador with over 8 years experience in MNCs and Start-ups across APAC, Greater China and EMEA.

Heads talent acquisition and development, maintaining sufficient hiring velocity and new talent acquisition to support strategic business growth in the New Media, Finance, and Technology Space.

A passionate supporter of Gender Diversity and Women in technology, as well as a hands-on, no nonsense, and practical person, which aligns with Wecash values of constant learning and doing.

I’m excited to join Wecash, where I get to join like-minded and results-oriented team members across Asia Pacific, and look forward to creating awareness of LifeAtWecash, where you get to see how we work and play.

Nitin Agarwal

COO, Wecash India

A Permanent Student of Life – Conceptualized, Set up and Launched 3 companies as founding team member – BrainVisa Technologies (eLearning Platform and service for Global Fortune 500), BigShoeBazaar (Yebhi.com – eCommerce) raised $30M and scaled to 600K orders per month, team size of 1500 people and Incred NBFC & Housing Finance company.

A constant thinker about change has motivated me to work across various sectors in past 20 years.

Wecash brings the same philosophy of change and that financial services needs change to serve larger group of people who deserve good living with just a little helping hand. At Wecash I have met a team which is willing to look at the world differently and provide solutions. Everybody at Wecash pushes and helps each other while remaining focused on outcome and results. Great to work with a diverse team!

Anggie Setia Ariningsih

VP Corporate Affairs, TunaiKita (Wecash Indonesia)

I am an enthusiast! Love all good energy around! 18 yrs of working experience in various industries, from teacher, secretary, contract mgr, procurement mgr, to business process efficiency expert, government institutions such as constitutional court of Republic of Indonesia to start up lyfe!

I grew up helping my parents to get them away from bad debts, as back in the days, borrowing money from bank can be really hard, even now. TunaiKita is a peer to peer lending company which helps customers who are un-bank-able to get responsible loan services for their better living. I thought: this is a good cause combined with technology and comply with regulatory as well as improving the economy in Indonesia; and by helping more customers to be able to get loan from a reliable institution like TunaiKita, these customers will be able to improve their business and living – so why not join? I believe that TunaiKita is a reliable and awesome peer to peer lender as well as a great place to work!

Life at Wecash

At Wecash, we are focused on the end result. Direct and deep conversations between co-workers and teams enable us to plan with cohesion and rapidly and effectively achieve individual and team goals.

Growth is key. We believe in growing as an individual as well as a whole at Wecash and that’s why we are big on personal development. We are shaping an environment where we are excited to hear from employees who intend to try something new, broaden their skillsets or even explore a different discipline.

Working at Wecash is not just like any other job. You are creating genuine change in society and improving the lives of the underprivileged, the unbanked, and those without access to credit – increasing financial inclusion by granting access to life-changing credit for these people.

Focus and drive aside, we aim to foster a fun working environment where you can become part of the Wecash family where we work hard but also play hard. We celebrate life’s little moments – achieving key milestones, birthdays, new additions to family – with cakes, movies, BBQs, and team outings. There’s also weekly/monthly competitive games!

We provide industry-standard competitive benefits – health and social insurance for you and your family; allowances such as transport and mobile; lunch, drinks and snacks in the office. Top performers also get a chance to become partners in the company!